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M​aking life feel better

From the inside out....


The multi facet way to health and fitness 


 Term Timetable only


Feb 2020

please refer to 

Partners of Pilatestlc page for instructor profiles

Day time

Monday 9.15am Pilates




pilates for seniors 9.30am


Wed 9.15am HIIT



pilates for kids



Fridays 8.30am HIIT & 9.30am Pilates


Sat 8.15am HIIT


All @ Portishead Youth Centre



6.30pm HIIT and 7.30pm Pilates

St Josephs primary School




Pay as You Go         £10/session

1 sessions per wk: £8 per session paid a term in advance

2 sessions per wk: £6 per session paid a term in advance

Special offers will be made for classes during school holidays

Terms and Conditions

Payments made in cash or BACS

Lloyds 30 94 83

Acc No. 20738060

New clients must all start with a health screen and adaptations will be made and accounted for, with clear instruction before and during the class.

Pilates Benefits...

My husband and I started pilates with Anna in September. My husband has a form of arthritis which causes him joint pain and stiffness, and I had been recommended to try pilates by physiotherapists after back and knee injuries.

We really enjoy Anna's classes. She is an excellent instructor who explains everything clearly. Her classes are variable and you learn new things every week. Anna always gives you different options to suit your level and adapts exercises for individuals, if required. We were surprised how quickly we have improved and started to build strength. We are more aware of our posture and the muscles we are using.

We always feel energised and refreshed after a class and always sleep well that night. Anna is welcoming and friendly, and instantly puts you at ease

Thank you to Matt and Polly Cox for their testimony

scroll down the page to see my schedule of classes


Along with the core and pelvic floor activation, glut activation is key to prevent unnecessary loading of the lower back; and will help to avoid injury.

The gluts support the hips, as the thigh lifts towards the trunk, in simple movement such as walking, running, or even climbing the stairs. However if the gluts are weak, the body will lean forward in walking or climbing stairs, indicating the loading of the back because the gluts are not strong enough.

It is likely that lower back injury or fatigue can be accelerated because of inactive gluts. Even an old ankle injury can inhibit the natural recruitment of the gluts. Our body has a natural kinetic chain and if disturbed through injury, or over use of one area of the body, can inhibit this kinetic chain working efficiently.

In training at HIIT sessions and Fitness Pilates, I will be helping you to:

1. Visualise the muscles that you are working

2. Feel the muscle that you should be activating; which helps to set-up the unconscious neurological pathway in your body for efficient use of energy and avoid injuries.(train the brain)

3. Activate and stretch the gluts

4. Stretch the deep hip muscles, e.g. the piriformis 

5. Massaging the gluts with hip circles into the floor and releasing potential sciatic issues and nerve endings in the lumbar spine

6. Releasing the hamstrings

7. Tension release of the hip flexors, allowing the gluts to ‘fire’ up sufficiently

8. Inspiring the body to move through synchronised activity to enhance efficient energy pathways in the body

9. Inspire the neurological pathways and practice, without loading the back

10. Using different feet positions when taking part in exercises

If you, or maybe a group of friends, are interested in following a programme of this nature in your home or my ‘office’ :

call 07722401389

 its relevant to life: its liberating!

Personal Training in your home

making life feel better

Building self care habits

Life is full of disruption, and we can let it knock us over or face it stronger and healthier.

You are in charge!

Being mindful about your health is not just willpower, but investing regularly in you:

1. Your body, tone and strength?

2. How you feed your body and keep it hydrated?

3. How you sustain calm, so that your body responds with positive emotions, not just reactions?

Share the journey with friends

Despite your busy schedule of work, home life and family commitments, you can thread some self care around all of this.

I can bring personal training to you, that is bespoke to you and your needs. I create that important accountability factor and bring the tools for your to succeed.

You can have 5 PT sessions for the price of 4

On your own or share the journey with a few friends?

Call me now on 07722401389 for your free consultation.

High Intensity Interval Training

Using light equipment and/or your own body weight... a series of exercises to tone, strengthen, take pressure off the joints, feel energy and lose inches.

Summer Schedule 2017

starting Sun 23rd July


w/ The Justin Trio

After retiring I started to look for a class to keep me fit and supple.

As a keen cyclist I also wanted a class that would challenge my balance and align my posture.

I had take yoga classes before but wanted something more active and discovered Fitness Pilates was right for me.

I had a little break following a bike accident and following a steady recovery from surgery and physio, I was ready to come back to pilates, where Anna made the necessary adaptations for me.

Having invested in these classes for a while and seen the improvements, I decided to challenge my fitness a little more and have a go at HIIT, to help improve my stamina and strength.

Both HIIT and pilates have evidently supported my recovery from the accident and now I am even more amazed...... I have bottom again!!

Linda Midmore

Director of High Fives, Apple

Anna Messaged me just in time, as I was starting to feel very low from the onset side effects of peri-menopause, not being able to get to classes and no get up and go to sort this out for myself.

I am so glad I now have 1:1 personal training with Anna, as she has helped me to:

  • Get hydrated
  • Be more mindful about what I eat
  • See great improvements in my tone and strength
  • Be mindful of how I run

I now have great stamina in my running too

Thank you Anna


Dianne Foster

Head of Potatoes, The Internet


I started HIIT and pilates with Anna and havn't looked back since

Ive been doing a mix of classes and PT weekly, which have helped me to structure the right level of activity into my week, adapted when needed, as I have been working around back, hip and knee 'niggles'.

Anna understand my goals, constraints and abilities, and still seems to challenge me each session.

Ive seen huge improvements in my tone and strength, and become more aware of the need to stay hydtrated and make suitable food choices in order to see the diferences in my body shape.


........and now Ive joined in too!!! Intrigued by Annas approach to health and fitness, I now sleep a lot better from doing pilates and these classes also help to keep acute back ache at bay.

Tight hamstrings and a long commute to work have exhausted my body and Pilates has helped to bring some 'me time' to the end of my day and helps to unwind my head and body!!

I am now pushing my fitness at the occasional HIIT/PT session, under the careful eye of Anna, who make the necessary adaptations for me when necessary.

Georgie & Justin Marriot

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor